At VTB I was faced with Cognos 8, which had a complete different interface than Cognos 7.4, but I've quickly got used to it. After being there a few months we upgraded to Cognos 10 and in 2017 we upgraded to Cognos 11.

In my first half year, I mostly was working on Cognos reports. Then, after a lot of new DWH related requirements came from Moscow, I had to put more and more data from other productive systems like our core banking system. I've also created some interface to Calypso, Bloomberg, Reuters. Sometimes I was working as a “normal programmer” and wrote C# code in Visual Studio (e.g. for a Lotus Notes interface or Customer matching procedure).

Here a list of some exciting projects I've implemented/participated:

  • Cost allocation
  • Daily client P/L
  • General loan loss provision calculation (UGB, IFRS)
  • Customer matching for three banks
  • Deal matching for three banks
  • FTP (=funds transfer pricing) calculation
  • Selection process of new BI environment (ETL, BI, data entry)
  • Wildfly (formerly JBoss) cluster for ESB (Softproject X4)
  • Data migration from Austrian core-banking system (IBP) to German core-banking system (Fusion Banking Midas) heavily using ESB (XML technology)

Here some non-BI/-DWH related projects:

  • Member of IT team VTB Austria at the selection process of our central ticketing system
  • Member of IT team VTB Austria at the selection process of our new core banking system
  • ECB AQR and other regulatory projects
  • ICAAP, ILAAP audits by OeNB and ECB representatives

For most of our projects, deep understanding of banking products and good knowledge of accounting and risk management was necessary.

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