In December 2008 I started to work for Skandia IT Gmbh as a programmer for the IT financials team. Due to Skandia policy I had to program Visual Basic 6. We did several projects and I wrote interfaces for credit card payments, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne accounting (F04xx, F09xx,…), SWIFT, EDIFACT preprocessing and furthermore.

From January 2010 I was working in the datawarehouse and integration team where I mostly was using Oracle 10, Oracle Warehouse builder and IBM Cognos 7.4. Of course, I also did some several other projects such as the introduction of OTRS as ticket system, OMDS interface for brokers where I contributed significantly.

As Oldmutual, our “big brother” in South Africa decided to let us cooperate with Germany, Poland and Switzerland, I also had to work in a virtual team where we cooperated quite well. I've been sent once to Cape town to do business analysis and implementation from there. I did the analysis of business requirements for Cognos and implemented the main interface for our central DWH in our region.

In May 2011 I quit my job at Skandia.

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